• January 1st, 2007 :
    "Laboratoire PAREVA" becomes a self-governing compagny, but still 100% subsidiary of MAREVA

    July 19th, 2007 :
    "Laboratoire PAREVA" sent its dossier for PHMB to Repporter Member State to comply with Direction 98/8/EC on biocides (BPD)

Additional information

Products / Applications

ImagePHMB P20 D : Standard grade for General disinfection purposes
ImagePHMB P20 PC : Cosmetic grade for Personal Care applications
ImagePHMB P20 SP : Private Pool and Spa water sanitation
ImageREVACIL : Public Pool and Spa water sanitation
Special grade : on request


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USES / Fields of applications of PHMB

PHMB has a broad bacteriologic efficacy spectra, so its uses are numerous :

1 - Water treatment
- in swimming pools as an alternative to chlorine (EPA reg. NR 69461-1 - 06.06.98)
- for industrial water (cooling tower, ...)

2 - Surface disinfecting
- hospitals
- algaecide for concrete surfaces
- all purpose surfaces disinfectant

3 - Food industry
- mink feed preservative
- beet sugar disinfectant
- precleanning of fresh vegetables
- cleaning solution for food contact equipment (France : JORF 30.11.75)

4 - Leather industry
- preservation of hides and skins 5
- Vet applications
- teat dip mixtures, teat dip cloth, animal blood preservation
- veterinary operations
- preservative used for vet products

6 - Cosmetics
- cited in the European Cosmetic directory
(see Directive 76/768/EEC modified by 86/199/EEC, annexe VI : preservatives)
- contact lens cleaner

7 - Pharmaceuticals
- wound operations disinfectant
- active used in nose drop / eyes diseases treatment products

8 - Other applications
- preservative used in the paper industry
- disinfectant used in the secondary oil recovery
- .../...

Those applications are collected from several sources and Laboratoire PAREVA is not liable to account for their real validity or efficacy, which must be adapted in each application.

Use biocides safely. Before using, read the label and product information.