• January 1st, 2007 :
    "Laboratoire PAREVA" becomes a self-governing compagny, but still 100% subsidiary of MAREVA

    July 19th, 2007 :
    "Laboratoire PAREVA" sent its dossier for PHMB to Repporter Member State to comply with Direction 98/8/EC on biocides (BPD)

Additional information

PHMB overview

ImageInformation about CAS Registry Number of PHMB

Historically, PHMB was identified under different CAS-RN :
91403-50-8 / 32289-58-0 / 27083-27-8.

- 91403-50-8 = PHMB in its hydrochloride form, single repeating unit with end groups (α + w) :
-> Poly (imino carbonimidoyl imino carbonimidoyl imino-1,6-hexanediyl), alpha-(6-aminohexyl)-omega-(cyanoamino) iminométhyl] amino], hydrochloride (9 Cl)

- 32289-58-0 = PHMB in its hydrochloride form, single repeating unit without end groups
-> Poly(imino-carbonimidoyl-imino-carbonimidoyl-imino-1,6-hexanediyl), hydrochloride

- 27083-27-8 = PHMB descriptionbased on its manufacturing route polymer of “precursor-1” with “precursor-2”
-> 1,6-hexanediamine, polymer with N,N’’’-1,6-hexanediylbis[N’-cyanoguanidine], hydrochloride

The exact definitions of each of these CAS-RN are found at Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) organisation or through specialised data bases or access suppliers.

Since the begining, Mareva adopted CAS N° [91403-50-8] which better described the product as far as it describes the main repeating unit and its both possible End Groups.

This CAS N° [91403-50-8] was used by Mareva in 2002 for its notification, to comply with Directive 98/8/CE and its following regulations.

According to CAS rules, a substance must be described by only 1 CAS-RN.
Since 2003, the CAS N° [91403-50-8] appears in the « DR » line (Deleted CAS Registry Number) of CAS N°[32289-58-0].

ImageInformation form of CAS Customer Care is as follows :

The CASRN 91403-50-8 has not really been "cancelled", but transferred to 32289-58-0.
It is still searchable and brings up a valid substance record in the CAS registry database.

CASRN 91403-50-8 is a Deleted Registry number.
The CASRN has been deleted to 32289-58-0.
A Deleted Registry Number is assigned to a substance but later changed to another Registry Number.
All of the substance information is contained in the replacing Registry Number record.
The deleted Registry Number displays in the replacing Registry Number record in the DR display field.

Examples of substances that are deleted include trade names that appear in the literature with no structural information but are later elucidated to a previously registered substance.

Notice that when CASRN 91403-50-8 is searched it retrieves the substance record and it's correct CASRN.

ImageAs a conclusion

Up to today, 2 CAS N° are still valid : [32289-58-0] and [27083-27-8].
[91403-50-8] being included in the [32289-58-0] CAS definition
Pareva's PHMB corresponds to CAS [32289-58-0].