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-> French agreement as disinfectant for contact with food process devices : Arrêté of October 27, 1975 (OJs of Nov. 30 1975 and Feb. 5, 1976).
-> French agreement as sanitizer for public pool water treatment : DGS/SD7A N°290 of March 12, 2007

ImageEuropean Union

-> European agreement as a preservative for cosmetics : Directive 76/768/CEE, modified by 8th adaptation to technical progress (86/199/CEE).
-> Notified to the European Commission in charge of the Biocide regulation (Directive 98/8/CE so-called ?Biocide Products Directive? (BPD) : Notification N 354 of October 24, 2002.
Dossier sent to the Reporter Member State (RMS).
Dossier under the reviewing stage.

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ImageEPA registration N° 69461-1 (June 9, 1998), for Swimming Pool and Spa sanitation applications under the name "Revacil".

ImageExtention of the EPA registration N° 69461-1, for general disinfection applications under the name
"PHMB P20D".

ImageOther countries

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