• January 1st, 2007 :
    "Laboratoire PAREVA" becomes a self-governing compagny, but still 100% subsidiary of MAREVA

    July 19th, 2007 :
    "Laboratoire PAREVA" sent its dossier for PHMB to Repporter Member State to comply with Direction 98/8/EC on biocides (BPD)

Additional information

BPD process


ImageEuropean Union : BPD process

The Product Types declared to be defended in 2002 are the following :

PT 1 : Human hygiene biocidal products

PT 2 : Private areas and public health area disinfectants and other biocidal products,
- Products used for the disinfection of air, surfaces, materials, equipment and furniture which are not used for direct food or feed contact in private, public and industrial areas, including hospitals, as well as products used as algaecides.
Usage areas include, inter alia, swimming pools, aquariums, bathing and other waters; air-conditioning systems; walls and floors in health and other institutions; chemical toilets, wastewater, hospital waste, soil or other substrates (in playgrounds).
PT 2 includes sub-type 02.01 (Disinfectants for medical equipment, biocidal products for accommodation for man or in industrial areas) and sub-type 02.02 (Biocidal products to be used in swimming pools, etc?)

PT 3 : Veterinary hygiene biocidal products
- Biocidal products used for veterinary hygiene purposes including products used in areas in which animals are housed, kept or transported.

PT 4 : Food and feed area disinfectants
- Products used for the disinfection of equipment, containers, consumption utensils, surfaces or pipe work associated with the production, transport, storage or consumption of food, feed or drink (including drinking water) for humans and animals.

PT 9 : Fibre, leather, rubber and polymerised materials preservatives
- Products used for the preservation of fibrous or polymerised materials, such as leather, rubber or paper or textile products and rubber by the control of microbiological deterioration. PT9 includes sub-type 09.01 (Preservative for textiles and leather) and sub-type 09.02 (Preservative for paper)

PT 10 : Masonry preservatives
- Products used for preservation and remedial treatment of masonry or other construction materials other than wood by the control of microbiological and algae attack.

PT 11 : Preservatives for liquid-cooling and processing systems including sub-type 11.02 (Preservatives used in recirculating systems)
- Products used for the preservation of water or other liquids used in cooling and processing systems by the control of harmful organisms such as microbes, algae and mussels. Products used for the preservation of drinking water are not included in this product type.

ImageNowadays? BPD status of Laboratoire PAREVA

According to the regulation, Laboratoire PAREVA has sent the dossier of its active PHMB to the Reporter Member State (RMS) before July 31st, 2007.
Concerned PTs are PT1, PT2, PT3, PT4, PT5, PT6 and PT13.
Dossier is now under its evaluation stage still its registration on the ANNEX I.