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ImagePHMB P20 D is available in 20-kg cans, 200-kg drums and 1000-kg containers.
Possibility of Full sea-Container Load or 20 t-tank : on request…

Conditionings 20 Kg 200 kg 1000 kg
Type PEHD can PEHD-HMW drum PEHD Containers
Colour Natural (transparent) blue Natural (transparent)
Dimensions (cm) 26.5 x 26.5 x h=40.2 Diam x h=58.1 x 93.5 100 x 120 x h=117
Tare 0.93 kg 10 kg 65 kg (see metal information board)
Cap(s) 50 / 63 (DIN 61) 2 x 2‘’ caps (50 mm) (European standard) Top lid diameter 150 mm
Drain butterfly valve : DN 50
ONU approval 3H1 / Y 1.6 / 180 / … / F / BVT 118959 / MOB 1H1 / X1.2 / 250
1H1 / Y1.9 / 250
31HA1/Y/mm.yy./D/BAM 6584-MAMOR/4694/2048
Number per palette 24 4 1
Palette Wood palette 100 x 120 (treated palette on request) Wood palette 100 x 120 (treated palette on request) Metallic grid and wooden made treated palette
Other information Stackable cans
fitted with a tactile warning of danger
Inviolability Caps Drain adapter NPT 2’’ F available on request or for export out of EEC
recollect service for empty containers


> 1000 kg-container :

1000 kg-container Image
adapter NPT 2"F
1000 kg-container
wooden made treated palette

> 1000 kg containers

1000 kg-container
metal information board

> 200 kg-drums : 4 drums per palet :

4 drums per palet 4 drums per palet
treated palette

> 4 drums per palet

200 et 1000 kg conditionings are food contact approved.
200 kg drums can be placed on treated wooden made palette on request or for export out of EEC

ImageStorage conditions

No spontaneous reaction or incompatibility known for PHMB, which trigger a violent reaction.

PHMB P20 D is stable between +6 and +75 °C (42.8 to 167 F).

PHMB P20 D must be stored at a temperature > 6°C. (>42 F)

If temperature is under 6°C (42F), a white deposit can occur. This white deposit (active matter of PHMB) can be dissolved by storing original containers in a warm place (~30°C) still this deposit disappears (special care : do a well homogenisation of the product before use to avoid concentration gradients in the container, above all in the case of a partial use of its content).


Recommended : polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, Stainless Steel.

Not recommended : metals (Cu, Fe, Zn, steel, brass,...), and some kind of rubber.

ImageShelf life

Shelf life of PHMB P20 D is given to be 36 months.
Our experience showed that older identified batches had kept their quality after more than 60 months.


Use biocides safely. Before using, read the label and product information.